It’s hard to believe that in 1982 Penwood Nurseries was a bare field. Today the site boasts a range of over 4,000 different plants in a rural setting and hosts state of the art technology to ensure a healthy environment for all it grows.

The family business was established in the early 80’s by Douglas and Margot Harris: today sons Mark and Tim are holding the reins, accepting the vocation that calls for long hours in all weathers. Supported by a “truly fantastic” team, the family have put their heart and soul into creating a welcoming venue for gardeners at all levels.

Clients include large corporations, garden designers and the general public. Increasingly Penwood Nurseries is in demand from designers looking for a one-stop supplier who can offer a wide range of unusual plants for the more discerning client. As Doug Harris says simply, ‘We try to help’.

Production has increased year on year, largely due to improved propagation techniques, particularly with the grafting unit.

Plants are also benefitting from the very latest style of glass house which features a unique ventilation system opening from the guttering: when fully open this provides the benefit of total aeration, resulting in hardier plants which are not forced.

‘We are old fashioned in many ways but we are using modern techniques,” Doug explains.

A tour of the beautifully-ordered nursery pays tribute to the family’s passion for their lifestyle: this business is not about quick turnover-it is about nurture over time, often years and being rewarded by fruition.

Diversity is Penwood’s speciality, offering relatively small quantities but a vast range of individual plants.For example, there could be 20 different magnolias to choose from, over 20 different varieties of birch tree and 12 witch hazels.

Hundreds of trees, shrubs and roses, herbaceous perennials and alpines are grown on the premises from seed, cuttings or using budding or grafting techniques, by plant enthusiasts with a huge depth of knowledge and a genuine desire to succeed.

Penwood Nurseries is not a garden centre: it is a centre for gardeners and a visit will explain why.

For more information call (01635) 254366